Announcing Hackster Launch

Hackster is ushering in a new era of hardware crowdfunding.

Hackster Staff
4 years ago

Crowdfunding is a popular way to bring new hardware to market but without the right audience and supportive services, even the best efforts can go bust. We're partnering with GroupGets to provide entrepreneurs, startups and established brands with a platform that helps ensure the success, sustainability, and scalability of campaigns.

Not only will Hackster Launch offer creators with early adopter validation, global awareness, and the necessary funding to bring their hardware to life, it is the key to unlocking Avnet’s ecosystem potential.

Quality Over Quantity

Over the years, crowdfunding lost its luster as a number of startups struggled to deliver an actual product, despite surpassing their funding goals. GroupGets' collective purchasing engine has been able to navigate the common burdens of vaporware and lengthy shipping delays by focusing solely on vetted designs and bringing backers together to hack minimum order restrictions.

How It Works

Those interested in starting a Hackster Launch campaign are encouraged to first share their projects with the Hackster community to solicit feedback, refine their design, and gain some initial exposure.

If you’re interested in learning more or ready to launch today, contact us at

Stay tuned on as we bring you more campaigns in the coming weeks.

Hackster Staff
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