Nixie Tubes Get a Boost From the New NCH6300HV

Omnixie Electronics has launched a 100V-235V DC-DC boost power converter for vintage vacuum tubes.

Cabe Atwell
2 months agoLights

We can probably all agree that Nixie tubes, vintage vacuum lamps, dazzle enthusiasts and novices alike with their warm neon glow and nostalgic, techie appearance. These tubes of 1960s yesteryear have a “small but devoted cadre of hobbyists, collectors, and aficionados” that will rejoice from the new NCH6300HV boost power converter by Omnixie Electronics

To introduce their new product, the two-person Omnixie team launched a Kickstarter campaign with aspirations of raising $2,500 to support production efforts and spread the word about the new power booster. Within just a couple days, Omnixie managed to surpass its fundraising goal.

Take a look at some of the features of the new NCH6300HV:

  • 100V to 235V DC-DC boost power converter
  • For Nixie tubes or Magic Eye applications
  • More adaptive and versatile with three possible inputs: Lithium-ion battery, 5V USB or 12v DC power adapter
  • 19% smaller than the NCH6100HV
  • Higher efficiency and nearly double the power capability of the NCH6100HV
  • Capacity to light 12 Nixie tubes
  • Features a shutdown pin to completely turn off high voltage
  • Pin-to-pin compatible

Omnixie also “opened up its closet tube” and created three DIY kits that include the NCH6300HV power booster, Nixie tubes of various sizes, anode resistors, and gold-plated pins to connect the tubes. With these kits, customers can make various Nixie clocks, depending on which kit or the number of kits they purchase.

The team recently announced a stretch goal of $10,000 to back the development of a Nixie Tube Driver Board, which is capable of driving up to four Nixie tubes. However, users can daisy-chain multiple boards to control more than four tubes. The good news is that only four input/output pins are needed, no matter how many driver boards are used. Some basic soldering skills are needed for assembly.

Omnixie plans to fulfill early bird orders of the NCH6300HV power booster in December 2020, with the next round of special shipping to follow in January 2021. The Nixie Tube Driver Board is on a similar schedule and will be shipped in late December 2020 and January 2021.

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