Miniature Wi-Fi CO2 Sensor Unit

ESP8285 device tracks CO2 data, optionally temperature, humidity, pressure, and more.

According to TeHyBug’s mini indoor sensor listing on Tindie, we spend 90% of our time indoors. While this percentage varies dramatically from person to person – and likely even day to day – the amount of CO2 we breathe in can reportedly have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Additionally, it can indicate whether or not your indoor airspace is getting enough external fresh air in to help reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

If you’d like a small, convenient method for measuring internal CO2 levels, then this sensor device may just fit the bill. Pricing for one starts at $65, and it comes with a CO2 sensor by default. Data output is an onboard ESP8285 chip over Wi-Fi.

A temperature/humidity/air pressure sensor is available as an option, and the device can be ordered with a small OLED display for local viewing. A 3D-printed enclosure is also available to protect it from indoor hazards.

This sensor comes flashed with TeHyBug firmware, but it can be re-flashed with EspHome or other code as expedient. Additional sensors can be connected via a four-pin 3.5mm audio-style jack, and two out of the four onboard buttons are free to use as needed. There’s even an onboard WS2812B LED to show a quick glance at air quality: green = good, yellow = OK, red bad. You can see this little device in action via the video below.

Jeremy Cook
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