LeeTop Introduces Two Carrier Boards for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Modules

The A203 and A205 carrier boards feature rich peripheral interfaces for edge AI robotic applications.

A203 carrier board (πŸ“·: Seeed Studio)

There have already been dozens of carrier boards developed for NVIDIA Jetson modules like the Jetson Mate. Chinese startup LeeTop has now released two more high-performance NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Xavier NX-compatible carrier boards, the A203 and A205.

The A203 carrier board features rich peripheral interfaces and is lightweight, making it perfect for AI robots or small IoT applications in logistics, retail, or even agriculture. When integrated with the main NVIDIA Jetson, it gives high performance for video analysis and robotics.

One of the interesting facts about the A203 carrier board is the support for SSD storage, which is upgraded to five SSD connectors in the A205 board. Depending on the type and level of application, you can choose between the boards. Also, when it comes to wireless connectivity, the board sports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with 4G communication.

When integrated with the NVIDIA Jetson modules, both carrier boards can support NVIDIA JetPack, including a board support package (BSP), Linux OS, NVIDIA CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT software libraries for various processing. Through this, it becomes a decently equipped board for AI graphical applications such as smart city IoT edge devices.

Both boards are now available for pre-order. The $179 base model A203 has an expected availability date of September 24th, while the upgraded and bit more pricer ($349) A205 is set to arrive October 19th.

Abhishek Jadhav
Abhishek Jadhav is an engineering student, freelance tech writer, RISC-V Ambassador, and leader of the Open Hardware Developer Community.
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