Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Sep 28, 2018

A Secret Door Opener, a Revamped Boombox, a DIY PlayStation Classic, a Web-Based Circuit Simulator + More

Hackster Staff
a year ago
Secret Door Opener
Open your door with a few simple taps; no keys needed!
Arduino + WebUSB + Circuit Simulator = Fun
Connect your Arduino via WebUSB with an web application circuit simulator.
Project BoxBoom
Revamped an old 80’s boombox, just to look cool.
Breathing and Company Helper (BACH)
Check in on a loved one instantly and have fun!
The ULTIMATE Raspberry Pi Smart Home Door Lock
It’s got 3-factor authentication including NFC fob, touchscreen PIN entry and one-time passcode sent via SMS — then the door unlocks!
Screen-less, Google Fit-Connected Smart Scale
Build a scale from an old one you have laying around. It works with Android notifications and logs your weight to Google Fit.
Made of Mars + Adafruit Circuit Playground Express + DFRobot
An outfit made of Martian material. It provides awareness of its environment. Let’s protect the Earth even if we can move to Mars.
Code Review Lamp
A colorful lamp to notify the developer team for pending code reviews.
Healthzuilla Scale
Wireless food scale with HTTP API.
Pancake CNC
This machine has two axis X and Y controlled by three steppers — two of steppers for the X and Y axis and the third axis for the extruder.
M1 Rover
An unmanned ground vehicle, compatible with Arduino.
Serial to MQTT Gateway
A simple gateway to enable every Arduino sending MQTT messages by using their serial interfaces.
Mega Solar Tracker
The two towers feed a single dual input inverter located on the north tower. Each tower has its own battery set, solar regulator and tracking computer.
Make Your Own PlayStation Classic
This is an PS1 case modified to house a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie but uses the original controllers.
DIY Arduino ISP Programmer for ATmega328P and ATtiny85
You hate messy wirings? But you like ISP programmers? Then this universal ISP programmer is the solution for you.
Lottery Winner
Lottery Winner for Arduino creates a sequence of non-repeating pseudo-random numbers for lottery or other applications.
Measurino: A Measuring Wheel Proof of Concept
A study for a linear measuring device with Arduino and photoelectric rotary encoder.
World’s Smallest Arduino RC Car with Stability Control
This is the smallest RC car with electronic stability control in the world — probably! And it’s relatively easy to build.
LittleBot Budget: Affordable Arduino Robotics Kit
A simple Arduino robotics kits for STEM education and groups.
Interactive To-Do List That Syncs with Google Tasks
A device that shows tasks for current work day. Allows filtering by tags. Contains backlog and history. Designed for touchscreen.
PENXZYL 3.1: Arduino Brush Plotter
Update of the PENXZYL 3.0 project, with a new base and modified head and brush.
Passive Infrared [PIR] Camera Motion Trigger
A system to trigger a Canon DSLR camera when there is motion in front of it. Uses a PIR, opto-isolator, and not much else!
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