Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Jun 16, 2017

An Automated GoPro Photo Taker, a Pi Camcorder, a BeagleBone Irrigation System Controller, an Arduino Snake Game + More

Hackster Staff
3 years agoInternet of Things
A super slim CamCorder based around a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Pimoroni HyperPixel touchscreen, and Camera Module.
Automated GPS Controlled Portable Photo Taker
A backpack that takes pictures when you are close to places that you’ve pre-selected.
BeagleBone Green Wireless Irrigation Control
A practical project using the BeagleBone Green Wireless as a server/controller for a home irrigation system. The controller is an HTML5 web page. Communication is bidirectional between web page and server using WebSockets.
Remote-Controlled Scoreboard/Soundboard
This remote-controlled scoreboard not only keeps score, but also includes a customizable soundboard.
Raspberry Pi — Android Phone via IBM Bluemix
Connect a Raspberry Pi sensing temperature and humidity to an Android phone via IBM Bluemix.
Retro Nokia Snake With Arduino

Ever wish you could go back to the happy 90’s and play snake on your old Nokia phone? Grab on to your joystick for this blast-from-the-past.

Attendance System Using MYSQL With Raspberry and RFID-RC522
Taking data from RFID reader which is connected to Node MCU V3 and saving it to MYSQL database running on Raspberry Pi.
PHPoC Drink Mixer and Dispenser

A drink mixer and dispenser that uses PHPoC Blue and mini water pumps.

One Button Restart of a Stalled Pi Zero W
Avoid SD card corruption on a non-responsive Raspberry Pi using an Arduino to log into the serial console and restart your Raspberry Pi from the root account.
Smooth Ambience System With Voice Command
Trigger via voice command a smooth ambience system that turns off your main lights, turn on smooth lighting and starts relaxing music.
ConnectTheDots With Particle Azure IoT Hub Integration
Connect your Particle device into an Azure IoT Hub for viewing data in real-time through an ASP.NET web app!
Scrumtato: Make Daily Stand-Ups Agile Again
An ATtiny85-based gadget to keep overly passionate developers from excessively talking during daily stand-up meetings.
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