Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Jan 6, 2017

An Old-School Pager, a Magic Mirror, an Automated Cat Feeder + More

Hackster Staff
3 years agoInternet of Things
Old-School Two-Way Pager With Arduino
Send and receive real SMS text messages with your Arduino! A self-contained texting device with its own SIM card and phone number.
Windows 10 Core IoT Magic Mirror
A simple solution for a Magic Mirror using only HTML and some JavaScript.
Automated Cat Feeder
Use Alexa to control your Raspberry Pi-powered cat feeder. The cat feeder can also re-order cat food using Amazon DRS.
Internet-Controlled Nespresso Machine
Using a chat bot and a Nespresso machine to make coffee remotely.
Azure-Powered Exploration Vehicle
A Star Gate sort-of exploration robot that uses Azure backend infrastructure and its services.
Toggle an LED With Real HTTPS to Raspberry Pi
In this tutorial, we will focus on deploying a simple light on/off program directly from your Raspberry Pi via TLS to any browser in the world.
Browser Webcam Live Stream
Simple webcam live stream in modern browsers with Windows IoT Core 14393 and Raspberry Pi 3.
IoT Drone
After flying a friends drone I was hooked. However, I wanted to build my own, so this is part one of my drone project — motor control.
A multipurpose robot which can be controlled anywhere from the world using Android app.
Raspberry Pi Tupperware Ball Tracking Robot
Ball fetcher robot made using a Tupperware and a Raspberry Pi Zero. Used OpenCV and Python for ball tracking.
Dance Pad With Arduino and Smartphone
Dance Dance Revolution pad play with a smartphone via Arduino and 1Sheeld.
Boat Controller
Remotely control lights and heater with an Android app. Also includes a geo-fence alarm, and outside and inside temp/humidity sensors.
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