Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Feb 9, 2018

A Rotary Dial Lock, a 4-Stroke Digital Clock, an Autonomous Tank, a Solar Phone Charger, a Home Automation Control Board + More

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
Retro Rotary Dial Internet Connected Lock
A quick internet connected combination lock project for your retro rotary dial!
4-Stroke Digital Clock with Arduino
This digital clock driven by Arduino is a fun emulator of 4-stroke engine where the digits of hours & minutes represent the pistons moving.
Hygge Home — Alexa Smart Bath
Using Alexa and Arduino to instill a sense of Hygge upon your arrival home. Fully functioning Alexa controlled smart bath.
Autonomous Tank with GPS
Use a Devastator Tank Chassis from DFRobot to create an amazing tank that can navigate autonomously and send GPS data.
Arduino Home Automation Control Board IoT
This control board integrates with Arduino to allow users to control all aspects of a smart home through a website or Alexa voice commands.
Solar Panel Sun Tracker — Phone Charger
Fun and easy green robot! Build a sun tracking solar array in under an hour. Bonus: charge your phone with free clean energy!
Morse Code Transceiver
I taught a class on Communication Systems using programming, machines and Morse code.
Voice Activated Media Appliances Using Arduino and Alexa
The unit developed here makes your appliances like TV, amplifier, CD and DVD players control with voice commands using Alexa and Arduino.
Home Automation System for a Camp with No Internet
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start warming up the camp before you leave the house? How about using Alexa to do it for you!
Bluetooth Controlled Pick and Place Robot
A 2WD robot with a robotic arm on it controlled from a mobile app over Bluetooth connection. Use this step-by-step tutorial!
Pan-Tilt Multi Servo Control
Multiple servos control, using Python and a PAN/TILT mechanism construction to PiCam positioning.
NeoPixel Butterfly Brooch
Create a butterfly-shaped pin that can change color to match your clothes.
Solar Powering Unit for Arduino
The solar powering unit presented here has a timer which turns on the Arduino in regular intervals.
Plant Monitoring Using Alexa
Plant monitoring using Arduino, Alexa and RPi.
Safe USB Key
Trying to make safe, plugging any USB key on a computer.
Fruit Ninja (Simplified) 80 * 80
Simplified the old school game like Fruit Ninja and put in a new canvas and interaction method.
Configuring IoT Devices via Mobile Phone Flashlight
In this project, it is aimed to provide network credentials to the IoT devices for initial configuration via mobile phone flashlight.
Amazon Alexa-Powered Wireless Speakers
This project shows you how to build your own Amazon Alexa-powered wireless speakers. “Alexa, tell me a joke.”
ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and IFTTT — Smart Humidity Sensor
A smart humidity sensor that uses outdoor temperature to determine the ideal indoor humidity and inform the user about the room’s comfort.
Hackster Staff
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