Espressif Hits Some Major Milestones with Its Newly-Expanded ESP ZeroCode Development Platform

Company says it has 11,000 users for its code-free Internet of Things development platform, and has certified over 100 Matter devices.

Espressif is celebrating eight months since it launched its ESP ZeroCode platform, celebrating the joint milestones of 11,000 users and 100 Matter-certified designs built using the platform — along with the addition of extended support for new classes of Matter devices.

"It’s been about eight months since we launched ESP ZeroCode. For all these months, continuous interest and customer activity has kept us busy," Espressif's Kedar Sovani says. "Over 11,000 users across 125 countries have visited ESP ZeroCode, building various kinds of Matter-enabled products.

"Every week we get numerous queries and requests for samples or product-related queries. Many of these have now become products that have completed certification and selling in their respective market places. Along the way we have Matter-certified over 100 ESP ZeroCode powered devices."

Espressif launched ESP ZeroCode back in August last year, promising the ability to build a product without ever touching its program code. "You describe the kind of product you wish to create, the features you want to have, and its hardware configuration, that’s it," Espressif's Chirag Atal claimed at the time.

"You can instantly try out the generated firmware on the physical hardware. If you don’t like something, you go back and tweak it all you want. This is truly a magical experience."

In the months since, and while those 100-some devices have been in development, Espressif has been expanding and enhancing the ESP ZeroCode platform, Sovani says — including an expanded automated testing framework, which includes month-long duration tests and radio-frequency interference tests, fresh support for building projects that run on a single Espressif chip or have a "connectivity coprocessor," and partnerships to use the platform for Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Home Assistant, and SmartThings compatible devices.

Other newly-added extensions to the platform include support for new device types added in the latest Matter standard including, but not limited to, smart power sockets, window blinds, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, thermostats, and lighting systems both LED and filament driven.

Additional customization options have been added, Sovani says, while the time to bring a product to market has been slashed — with some unnamed customers going from concept to certified production "within three weeks," he claims.

More information on the ESP ZeroCode platform is available on Espressif's website.

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