Espressif Launches the ESP ZeroCode Platform for In-Browser No-Code Matter Module Development

Just define a device in the web app, hit the order button, and receive pre-programmed modules — with Espressif even taking over maintenance.

Espressif has announced the launch of a web app designed to put together ESP microcontroller firmware suitable for certification as compliant with the Matter standard entirely in-browser — and, as ESP ZeroCode's name implies, you don't have to write a single line of program code.

"You describe the kind of product you wish to create, the features you want to have, and its hardware configuration, that’s it," claims Espressif's Chirag Atal of the company's new development platform. "You can instantly try out the generated firmware on the physical hardware. If you don’t like something, you go back and tweak it all you want. This is truly a magical experience."

ESP ZeroCode is designed to cut out effectively the entire product development process — from firmware development and testing to pre-certification approvals — and replace it with with a code-free approach to defining what a microcontroller should do. Built with the creation of Matter-compliant Internet of Things (IoT) devices in mind, it allows for product definitions directly in-browser and the immediate submission for Matter certification.

The platform goes beyond development, though: Espressif says that it will also take on the maintenance burden of ESP ZeroCode-developed devices. "Espressif continues to maintain the firmware with the latest updates and security fixes," Atal explains, "to ensure that your in-field devices are always secure and Matter compatible."

Once a device has been designed on ESP ZeroCode it can be ordered in bulk, Espressif explains, with the customized firmware pre-flashed. "The per-device unique configurations like Device Attestation Certificates, QR codes, device identifiers, and other details, which usually take longer on the factory line, are also pre-programmed," Atal adds. "This means all you have to do is mount these modules on your PCBs, apply the corresponding QR code stickers, and you are good to go. Everything else is already taken care of."

At launch the ESP ZeroCode platform supposed a range of common Matter-compatible devices types including smart lighting, wall sockets, and blind controllers, with the choice of delivering connectivity on a Wi-Fi or an IEEE 802.15.4 Thread networks. "We are currently working on supporting more configurable device features," Atal notes, "as well as device types."

Users can try ESP ZeroCode now on the official website, and place orders for modules at volume once a firmware has been developed and tested.

Gareth Halfacree
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