EPT’s Open Source DSO 100M Offers Four Analog Channels and 80MSPS ADCs

The DSO 100M digital storage oscilloscope development system is designed to be open, flexible, and easy to modify.

Cabe Atwell
8 months agoSensors / FPGAs

Embedded electronics development company Earth People Technology (EPT) has launched an open source DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) development system with an analog front end and embedded FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). According to EPT, “The Earth People Technology DSO 100M development system is a fully functional USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope. It was designed to be open, flexible and easy to modify. This Open Source Development System allows the user to understand the basics of the typical DSO. All source code along with compiled projects, are made available."

On the hardware end, the DSO 100M features an Intel Cyclone IV FPGA with 6,272 Logic Cells, four separate 80MHz 8-bit ADCs (with dedicated bus into FPGA), 66MHz and 100MHz oscillators, and an FTDI FT2232H high-speed USB to Serial Chip. It also packs four Impedance Matched BNC connectors for common oscilloscope probes. Each front-end analog channel uses OPA1602 35MHz ultra-low distortion op-amps and includes a bias amp and gain amp with digital selectable gain utilizing an AD5263 digital potentiometer.

The DSO 100M uses Verilog and UnoProlyzer for the FPGA to control and displays the o-scope results on a Windows-based PC, which users can modify for any number of applications. Any event — a button press or expiring timer — initiates a function in the UnoProlyzer app, which is easy to read and follow in the display window. EPT provides a DVD with all source files needed for the DSO 100M, along with compiled projects, test benches, and test models. The DSO 100m is now available on Tindie for $129.99, and EPT has included a BOM and datasheet for those who would prefer to build their own as well.

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