Announcing the Winners of the Hologram and Raspberry Pi Exploring Cellular IoT Contest

Back in October, our friends at Hologram unveiled a global, plug-and-play cellular modem specially designed for the Internet of Things and…

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Back in October, our friends at Hologram unveiled a global, plug-and-play cellular modem specially designed for the Internet of Things and single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. The team wanted to do something a bit special to introduce the Nova to the world, and so they decided to partner with Hackster and Raspberry Pi to launch the Exploring Cellular IoT Challenge. The contest was a huge success with over 370 developers submitting project proposals.

Out of all the proposals, 200 entries were selected to receive a custom kit containing a Hologram Nova, a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a GPS breakout board, and a NodeMCU ESP8266 to help bring their ideas to life. Fast forward a couple months and here we are, ready to announce the winners.

All the submissions were grouped into four categories, with the top two in each taking home an Apple Watch Series 3, a Hologram Advanced Kit, and $100 Hologram data credit:

  • Best Gateway Projects
  • Best Remote Control Projects
  • Best Remote Monitoring Projects
  • Best Asset Tracking Projects

So without further ado…

Top Gateway Projects

Distributed Emergency Communication System by Jim Ewing

A rapidly deployable distributed Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11s mesh communication network with cellular modem Internet access for emergency disasters.

Pi Zero WAN (PiWANOVA) by Maks Surguy

PiWANOVA would act as a solution to connect people in remote places, void of existing WiFi networks while delivering some important information that is relevant to the geographical location of the access point (news, weather reports) to the users.

Top Asset Tracking Projects

Decentralized Fleet Tracking with Blockchain by Maleus Maleficarum

Asset tracking is a trend, but this project intends to work in a decentralized way storing each action, event or alert in a blockchain.

PoochPak: Mobile Information Gathering and Security System by Salma Mayorquin and Terry Rodriguez

Dog harness + computer vision + cellular network. Tracks dog biometrics and object recognition sending SMS notifications.

Top Remote Monitoring Projects

CSAD IoT Crop Care Project by Aidan Richard Taylor, Tom Campbell, and Connor Jordan

CSAD IoT Automated Crop Care System is a scalable system with automated watering, cellular connectivity and historic cloud sensory data.

Trail Camera by Dana Mah

This is a trail camera that will notify you using a cellular network that there has been activity nearby

Top Remote Control Projects

Bring-Your-Own-Network Ethical Pentesting Tool by Daniel Goodman

An on-site cellular pentesting suite. Bring your own network, so you never have to worry about sneaking out through theirs.

Cellular Connected Autonomous AR Drone 2.0 by Terry Rodriguez and Salma Mayorquin

Put your drone on a longer leash executing programmed flight on a powered Pi Zero. YOLO object recognition, connect over Hologram CLI.

Want to see more Hologram Nova-powered projects? You can browse through all of the entries on the contest page and check out Hologram’s Hackster Hub for other kickass cellular creations. Don’t forget to respect your favorites 👍 to show your support!

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