Announcing the Winners of Hackster’s Android Things Contest

A Taxi Air Quality Monitor, an All-Grain Homebrewing System, and a Braille News Reader Among Top Entries

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7 years agoInternet of Things

Android Things lets you build professional, mass-market products on a trusted platform, without previous knowledge of embedded system design.

Back in September, we teamed up with Google and NXP to see what type of connected and scalable devices our community could come up with, leveraging Android’s turnkey hardware solution and easy-to-use software development platform.

The contest invited developers to submit projects showcasing their use of Android Things and other Google technology — along with the PICO-PI-IMX6UL, Raspberry Pi 3, and other compatible boards — in one of three categories: enterprise, startup, and IoT.

Fast forward to November, and we’re finally excited to announce the winning entries! Grand prizes include cash (ranging from $1K to $5K), a Dragon Innovation certification, and 12-month access to Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner. Winners will also enjoy a personal crowdfunding coaching session from Kickstarter.

So without further ado…

🏆 Best Enterprise Project: Distributed Air Quality Monitoring (Using Taxis!)
Monitor air quality on a street-by-street level using Android Things, Google Cloud IoT, and taxis!
🏆 Best Startup Project: BrewCentral
Brewing amazing beer is a balance of art, science, and ritual. The BrewCentral system makes it possible for anyone to do an all-grain brew!
🏆 Best IoT Project: BrailleBox
BrailleBox is a small piece of hardware that empowers users who are hard-of-sight to read the latest news articles in Braille.

With so many incredible projects, let’s just say that it was extremely difficult choosing only three. Here are few other notable submissions that our judges wanted to highlight…

Andro Cart
A shopping cart device powered by Android Things. This device will help to decentralize point of sale (POS) billing.
SIGHT: For the Blind
A pair of smart glasses for the blind. Powered by Android Things and TensorFlow.
Industrial IoT Gateway
A smart industrial gateway for the IoT world based on Android Things.
The first semi-autonomous home security robot based on Android Things.
Word Clock
An Android Things-powered clock that allows the user to actually READ the time! Control it via Nearby API or through voice commands.
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