AnanasStepper 3.0 Promises Precise 3D Prints with Closed-Loop Steppers

This motion control system adds performance and precision to upgrade any stepper-driven machine.

Cabe Atwell
9 months agoRobotics

Companies have been getting away with open-loop CNC control (mainly in 3D printing) for far too long. It’s a lazy approach to manufacturing. I feel that what the AnanasStepper is attempting to do may push the dominos over to faster adoption.

A team of software experts, mechatronics engineers and hardware designers have developed an advanced motion control stepper that makes machine tasks more accurate and powerful than any other motor. It can be used with a variety of applications such as 6+-axis robotic arms, 3D printers and more. The Ananas Stepper 3.0 motor can now be purchased on Kickstarter with discounts.

The new AnanasStepper 3.0 motor is a simple and quick upgrade for 3D printers. Compared to other steppers, it has 15bit/0.01° ultra-high precision with less resistance. This gives it a performance upgrade, allowing it to print much quicker with higher precision quality. The advanced closed-loop design helps to increase printing success rate by removing lost steps, ensuring accurate, higher quality and smoother 3D prints. A closed-loop system also provides feedback and control, along with transient and free oscillation times, which will ensure it doesn’t lose or gain any steps.

AnanasStepper 3.0 includes an STM32 MCU as a controller, which lets the builder obtain the position, current and temperature of itself, using a 15-bit magnetic encoder (TLE5012B) with a 0.01° resolution along with two 12DAC, enabling them to control the resolution of the current, reaching up to 256 micro-steps.

It can be used with a majority of robotic arm systems as well, instantly boosting performance with multi axis-control due to its powerful, quiet and precise abilities. The AnanasStepper motor is starting to become more popular with makers constructing their own designs due to the easy installation process and usability for a wide variety of applications. AnanasStepper is open source with an active and helpful community from other builders and commercial support is readily available.

It also supports Micro USB connection, pulse interface, or an R5485 bus or CAN bus, allowing it to be connected to most hardware units, such as PC, laptop, Ramps (3D printer platform), Raspberry Pi, and much more. While on Step/Dir Pulse mode, the interface can be made compatible with a 3D Printer System, CNC (Mech/Linux CNC), etc.

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