AI-Generated Raspberry Pi Case

AI image turned into real life Raspberry Pi enclosure.

Michael Klements has been experimenting with Dream Studio’s AI image generator, and thought that if it can generate artistic images, why not a Raspberry Pi case concept? To test this idea, he first included the term “Raspberry Pi,” which meant a green PCB showed up that neither looked like a Raspberry Pi, nor a usable case. After a bit of refinement, using “futuristic desktop computer case” and the like, omitting Raspberry Pi altogether, resulted in more usable designs.

What he eventually used as his source material looks reminiscent of an actual computer case, with a a smartphone-like clear panel attached to the front, and sweeping blue lights on the inside. It also features a vent section on the side, along with a protrusion that resembles a C, or even an arcade cabinet if you use your imagination. Perhaps this is an AI reference to Commodore and/or retro gaming?

The original design was modeled in Fusion 360, and printed/laser-cut, including diffusers for blue LED lighting. The build out quite nicely, and the entire design is impressively close to the AI image, as seen at the 9:00 mark in the video below.

Function-wise, a Raspberry Pi 4 sits nicely on the base of the enclosure, with empty space above that could potentially accommodate various accessories. Klements used a 40mm fan on the back to keep things cool, recycled from his all fans enclosure. He also added an EZ Fan 2 board, which allows the Pi to toggle the fan on and off via a GPIO pin.

Jeremy Cook
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