Abstract Foundry Launches LumiCube Raspberry Pi Kit on Kickstarter

The LumiCube can be used for many different projects and comes outfitted with programmable LEDs, sensors, a mic, a speaker, and more.

Cabe Atwell
a month agoLights / Sensors

London-based startup Abstract Foundry is set to release its LumiCube development kit, which combines a Raspberry Pi with a slew of electronics and sensors, all crammed inside a compact 10-centimeter cube. The kit is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a platform for those who would like to learn how to code using Python or others looking to test their skills with a REST-based API. According to Abstract Foundry, the cube incorporates all the device features we use in our daily lives, such as phones, alarm clocks, and voice-activated home assistants, packed into a minicomputer that can be programmed for any number of projects.

The LumiCube is outfitted with a host of hardware that provides a solid foundation for any project, including 192 RGB LEDs, light and gesture sensors, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, as well as an accelerometer/gyroscope, display, microphone, speaker and pushbuttons. It’s also equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and can monitor homes and offices remotely using any number of add-ons and cameras.

As with most open source hardware, the LumiCube can be configured using any number of platforms, including Python, Scala, Pearl, or even Abstract Foundry’s browser-based software, which comes with a dashboard that lets users see changes in real-time.

The LumiCube also works with several apps that right out of the box, like a Pomodoro timer, wake-up lamp, digital lava lamp, equalizer visualization, binary clock, and more. Abstract Foundry is currently crowdfunding the LumiCube on Kickstarter, starting at around $100 for the base cube with LEDs, speaker, and microphone, with the Raspberry Pi sold separately.

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