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thermometer diode based

How build a simple thermometer using a silicon diode

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thermometer diode based

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electric scheme

The scheme is very simple: It is needed to connect the diode directly to the pins of the Arduino board: In particular connect the anode at the pin A0 and the catode at the GND pin


Diode thermometer based code

Load this code in your arduino and in the serial plot you can see the temperature read uy the diode

  Thermometer based on 1n4148 silicon diode used as temperature sensor.The thermometer is based on the diode characteristic that the increase of the temperature its forward voltage (VF) is lowered by 2,2mV / ° C.
Fixing the value of Vf = VF0 at ambient temperature t0, the temperature value
t is calculated with the following formula:

t= t0 - [vf(t)- vf0]* K

with K = 1 / 2,2mV

The value of Vf (t) = dtemp -vf0 is obtained by averaging values of 1024 by acquiring as many vf values

The result of t is shown on the serial monitor

// set pin numbers:

const int in = A0;          // used to bias the diode  anode
const int t0 = 20.3;
const float vf0 = 573.44;
// variables will change:

int i;
float dtemp, dtemp_avg, t;

void setup() {
  pinMode(in, INPUT_PULLUP);            // set the  pin IN with npull up to bias the diode


void loop() {
  dtemp_avg = 0;
  for (i = 0; i < 1024; i++) {
    float vf = analogRead(A0) * (4976.30 / 1023.000);
    dtemp = (vf - vf0) * 0.4545454;
    dtemp_avg = dtemp_avg + dtemp;
  t = t0 - dtemp_avg / 1024;
  Serial.print("temperature in Celcius degree)   = " );
  delay (1000);





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