Things used in this project

Hardware components:
13907 01
SparkFun ESP32 Thing
1 Thing will work for two garage doors. The other Thing is used for the LED Strip indicator.
Pi 3 02
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
using a Pi to run MQTT broker and Node-Red
Neopixel strip
NeoPixel strip
used to indicate open closed. Yes, it is overkill, but fun. Project expects a 1 meter strip with 60 LEDs. The switch monitor board will also light up a strip if either switch is open.
magnetic switch (reed)
two switches needed if monitoring two doors from a single ESP32
Software apps and online services:
mosquitto MQTT broker
(or other MQTT broker). I'm using the Pi to run this broker.
running on the Pi. Monitors MQTT and sends appropriate indicators of door status. This runs the "business logic" of this system.


System and Unit Diagrams
System Diagram. Unit diagrams.


Garage Door Monitor Repo
C++ code and also an example Node-RED file for the external system logic.


Matthew eshleman headshot square njvtrgj4co
Matthew Eshleman
1 project • 2 followers
Matthew loves to bring electronic devices to life through the magic and discipline of embedded software engineering.


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