Things used in this project


Arduino & Robot circuits
Arduino and Robot wiring. The schematics does not show HC-06 device. For a better schematics please see a twin project which is using IR controls available at Please also watch the video which describes the robot design in a little bit more detail.
Arduino circuit kkiip7eumr


Alexa Skill to control the robot
Alexa Skill to control the robot. Code written in node.js, deployed to Heroku. Uses Google Firebase & Google Cloud Messaging to send messages to Android phone.
Arduino code to move the robot
My Arduino library. It contains the main ino files together with a set of very useful libraries which I used in my project.
Android Bluetooth application to send remote messages to Arduino
Bridge between Alexa Skill and Arduino. Alexa Skill is using Google Cloud Messaging to publish messages, Android phone receives and relays them to Arduino. Communication between Android and Arduino is done over bluetooth.



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