Things used in this project

Hardware components:
11285 01
SparkFun LilyPad Coin Cell Battery Holder - Switched - 20mm
11842 01a
SparkFun LilyPad Rainbow LED (strip of 7 colors)
10081 01
SparkFun LilyPad LED White (5pcs)
SparkFun Conductive Thread
Ribbons (generic)
Tulle Fabric (generic)
Coin Cell Battery 3.7 V CR2032 (generic)
Gem Stones (generic)
Faux Nails (generic)
SparkFun LilyTwinkle
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
Hot glue gun (generic)


LilyTwinkle with more LEDs
In case you want more LEDs in parallel
Lilytwinklewith3leds feajhfkquj


No need to code it because LilyTwinkle is already coded with twinkle~ To re-program, follow link in section 1.1 in this project.


Coin kitty ttcqofkfsi
Kitty Yeung
2 projects • 36 followers
Physicist/Artist/Musician/Fashion Designer/Engineer


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