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JP's IoT Deep Dive Boot Camp Mid Term Project #1 Pyramid

Pyramid Smart Room Controller/ Room Light w/ manual & automatic control of Hue's & WEMO's while adding cool atmosphere with LED's & NeoPixel

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JP's IoT Deep Dive Boot Camp Mid Term Project #1 Pyramid

Things used in this project


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Custom parts and enclosures

Pyramid Base Solid Works File

3D Printed Bottom portion of Pyramid that house all of the electronic features including Circuit, Buttons, Switches, OLED display, NeoPixels, wiring etc.

Pyramid Base Panel Solid Works File

Fits inside the Pyramid Base with a holder for the electronics breadboard.


JP Mid Term #1 Fritzing Schematic diagram

The fritzing schematic demonstrates the many circuit features.

Pyramid Smart Room Controller Fritzing Schematic

The Fritzing Schematic demonstrates the features used in the IoT Mid Term Assignment including 9 Neopixels, 1 Photodiode, 3 LED's, 1 Encoder, 1 OLED, resistors, 3 Buttons, 1 Switch, 1 Motion Sensor all powered by the Photon 2 with easy to view wiring.

Pyramid Custom Graphics A.I. file

The Graphics created were etched/cut on multiple Acrylic parts making the Pyramid top with electronic circuit board and tech shapes such as Triangles and Hexagons with the Pyramid Logo centered on the front face.

Pyramid Smart Room Controller Bread board with electronics

The Breadboard is mounted on the 3d Printed base demonstrating the wiring with Encoder, Buttons, Switch, Motion Sensor, OLED, Photodiode, LED's and NeoPixels.


JP's Mid Term "Pyramid Smart Room Controller" final code

JP_MidTermPrj.cpp final code. All features working! Certain areas commented was not able .to expand the dynamic sequencing for functions as desired.


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