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Voice Activated Baby Rocker Using Alexa And A Raspberry Pi

Our twins loved spending time in their Rock n' Plays. Unfortunately, they didn't rock on their own. Raspberry Pi and Alexa to the rescue!

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Voice Activated Baby Rocker Using Alexa And A Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi / Motor Schematic

The 12v/60rpm motor I used did not have enough torque to rock the baby, so I had to go with a 24v/100rpm motor. This was a bit too fast, so I added a voltage regulator to lower the voltage. The sweet spot was between 18v and 20v.

Completed Motor Control Circuit Board

This is the completed circuit board. The Raspberry Pi was connected to the board with a ribbon cable.

Rocker Arm

This is a close-up of the arm that connects the motor to the Rock 'n Play

All Components

All of the components that make up the baby rocker (Raspberry Pi, circuit board, voltage regulator, and motors)

Connecting Motor to Rock 'n Play

I used a hook and bungee cord to connect the motor to the Rock 'n Play. While basic, it ensured that the rocking was smooth and not too jerky for the babies.

VUI Diagram

This diagram illustrates most interactions with the Baby Rocker along with Alexa's responses. The server keeps track of who is rocking and who is not, and will respond appropriately based on the commands given.


Baby Rocker Code


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