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Inderpreet Singh

I design things, I make them, I reinvent them and teach them. #DIY, #research, #IoT, #embedded, #RaspberryPi, #Arduino, #EEE



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We use the Intel Edison to record bird vocalizations and pass them to a predictive model to identify four bird species from the recordings.

Let it Snow - IoT Snow Globe with Virtual Reality Web - V2
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Tip the snow globe over to make it snow in VR or press the temperature sensor to raise the temp and experience smog/haze in VR.

Air Quality License Plate Holder
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TCP/IP Multisensor
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Arduino based sensor that communicates over TCP/IP. Can be used stand-alone or part of a Raspberry based data logger with a web UI.

TCP/IP Multisensor

Team Kallio Designs

Lake turbidity and environmental monitoring  with BLE
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Monitor lake turbidity as well as temperature and humidity with your smartphone via BLE

Pollution control & Status
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A smart pollution control device is set near the exhaust of the vehicle to alert the user when they are wasting fuel and causing pollution

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