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IoT Device to Record Touch Count Using Azure IoT Hub

We made a Vote count device using touch sensor and plotted a graph on a PowerBi powered by Microsoft.

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IoT Device to Record Touch Count Using Azure IoT Hub

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Connect the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 with the configurations listed below:
To get this to work, follow the steps below:
Without giving power to the Raspberry Pi yet, make sure you have connected the touch sensor to the Raspberry Pi as per below.

GND of touch sensor to GND (Pin 6) of Raspberry Pi
VCC of touch sensor to 5V PWR (Pin 2) of Raspberry Pi
SIG of touch sensor to GPIO 2 (Pin 3) of Raspberry Pi
Note: GND, VCC and SIG are specified near the touch sensor pins.

Follow this setup for connections with the Buzzer:

- RED of Buzzer to GPIO 4 (Pin 7) of Raspberry Pi
- BLACK of Buzzer to GND (Pin 9) of Raspberry Pi
Refer the Image for Pin mapping.
Pinmapping si9q92jqpz


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