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Compare particleelectron
Particle Electron
Servo (generic)
Particle Asset Tracker Shield




Pokeball FirmwareArduino
This is the firmware for the Particle Electron using the Asset Tracker shield and a servo.
// Getting the library
#include "AssetTracker.h"

// Set whether you want the device to publish data to the internet by default here.
// 1 will Particle.publish AND Serial.print, 0 will just Serial.print
// Extremely useful for saving data while developing close enough to have a cable plugged in.
// You can also change this remotely using the Particle.function "tmode" defined in setup()
int transmittingData = 1;

// How many minutes between publishes? 10+ recommended for long-time continuous publishing!
int delayPublishMinutes = 1;

// How many minutes between battery readings? 1+ recommended for better real time updates!
int delayBattMinutes = 1;

// Used to keep track of the last time we published data
unsigned long lastPublish;

// Used to keep track of the last time we updated the battery reading
unsigned long lastBatt;

// Used to keep a String of LAT,LONG coordinates, for GET requests
String getGPS = String("No Fix: No Data Yet.");
String getBATT = String("V %");
String lastLatLong = ",";

// Creating an AssetTracker named 't' for us to reference
AssetTracker t = AssetTracker();

// A FuelGauge named 'fuel' for checking on the battery state
FuelGauge fuel;

Servo myservo;

// setup() and loop() are both required. setup() runs once when the device starts
// and is used for registering functions and variables and initializing things
void setup() {
	// Sets up all the necessary AssetTracker bits

	// Enable the GPS module. Defaults to off to save power.
	// Takes 1.5s or so because of delays.


	// Opens up a Serial port so you can listen over USB

	// These three functions are useful for remote diagnostics. Read more below.
	Particle.function("tmode", transmitMode);
	Particle.function("batt", batteryStatus);
	Particle.function("gps", gpsPublish);
	Particle.function("wiggle", wiggle);
	Particle.variable("getGPS", getGPS);
	Particle.variable("getBATT", getBATT);

// loop() runs continuously
void loop() {
	// You'll need to run this every loop to capture the GPS output

	// if the current time - the last time we published is greater than your set delay...
	if(millis()-lastPublish > delayPublishMinutes*60*1000UL){
		// Remember when we published
		lastPublish = millis();

		//String pubAccel = String::format("%d,%d,%d",t.readX(),t.readY(),t.readZ());
		//Particle.publish("A", pubAccel, 60, PRIVATE);

		// Dumps the full NMEA sentence to serial in case you're curious

		// GPS requires a "fix" on the satellites to give good data,
		// so we should only publish data if there's a fix
			// Only publish if we're in transmittingData mode 1;
				// Short publish names save data!
				lastLatLong = t.readLatLon();
				String data = lastLatLong + "," + String::format("%.1f",fuel.getSoC());
				Particle.publish("at", data); // lat,long,battery%,username

		else {
			// Only publish if we're in transmittingData mode 1;
				// Short publish names save data!
				String data = lastLatLong + "," + String::format("%.1f",fuel.getSoC());
				Particle.publish("at", data); // lat,long,battery%,username
		// but always report the data over serial for local development

	// if the current time - the last time we updated the battery reading is greater than your set delay...
	// if (millis()-lastBatt > delayBattMinutes*60*1000UL) {
	//     lastBatt = millis();
	//     getBATT = String::format("%.2fV",fuel.getVCell()) + "," +
	//     String::format("%.1f%%",fuel.getSoC());
	// }

		// update our variable for realtime polling
		getGPS = String(t.readLatLon());

// Allows you to remotely change whether a device is publishing to the cloud
// or is only reporting data over Serial. Saves data when using only Serial!
// Change the default at the top of the code.
int transmitMode(String command){
	transmittingData = atoi(command);
	return 1;

// Actively ask for a GPS reading if you're impatient. Only publishes if there's
// a GPS fix, otherwise returns '0'
int gpsPublish(String command){
		Particle.publish("G", t.readLatLon(), 60, PRIVATE);

		// uncomment next line if you want a manual publish to reset delay counter
		// lastPublish = millis();
		return 1;
	else { return 0; }

// Lets you remotely check the battery status by calling the function "batt"
// Triggers a publish with the info (so subscribe or watch the dashboard)
// and also returns a '1' if there's >10% battery left and a '0' if below
int batteryStatus(String command){
	// Publish the battery voltage and percentage of battery remaining
	// if you want to be really efficient, just report one of these
	// the String::format("%f.2") part gives us a string to publish,
	// but with only 2 decimal points to save space
		String::format("%.2fV",fuel.getVCell()) + "," +
		  60, PRIVATE
	// if there's more than 10% of the battery left, then return 1
	if(fuel.getSoC()>10){ return 1;}
	// if you're running out of battery, return 0
	else { return 0;}

int wiggle(String command){
	for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {

		digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);

		digitalWrite(D7, LOW);

	return 1;
Pokeball Server
This is the repository for the pokeball firmware and server code.



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