Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Ard due
Arduino Due
HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Modul (Slave) RS232 Board CP06005
1 m LPD8806 LED RGB Stripe IP20 60 LEDs/m - 30 ICs/m
On semiconductor lm317tg
Linear Regulator with Adjustable Output
Texas instruments lm358ap image
Texas Instruments General Purpose Dual Op-Amp
Resistor 20k ohm
Resistor 220k ohm
Mfr 25frf52 1k sml
Resistor 1k ohm
Fairchild semiconductor pn2222abu. image
General Purpose Transistor NPN
Panasonic eca 1em102
Capacitor 1000 µF
Kemet c320c104k5r5ta image
Capacitor 100 nF
Panasonic eca 1hhg010 image
Capacitor 1 µF
Resistor 240 ohm
Trimming Resistor 1k ohm
IR transmitter (generic)
IR receiver (generic)
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
Styrofoam Cylinder (Diameter: 20cm, Height: 10cm)
Electric Motor, 12V, XDRIVE 545-1
Crown gear 60 T 8 MM
Crown Gear 12 T, 3.2 MM
Toothed Belt, 80 T, 6 x 200 MM
Threaded Bar, M8, 125 mm
Threaded Bar, M8, 330 mm
Used as shaft.
Contact Ring ASL9017
Adhesive Tape (black, 48 mm)
Used to stick on rotor
Plywood Disk (Ø 150mm, Thickness: 10mm)
Aluminum Disk ( Ø 200mm, Thickness: 2.5mm)
Software apps and online services:
Atmel Studio IDE
Used for Arduino SW Development
Ide web
Arduino IDE
Can be used as alternative to Atmel Studio IDE
Cygwin provides functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows. Used for the PC Control Program.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Used for the Graphical User Interface.
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Scroll saw (generic)
Bench Drill (generic)
Laboratory power supply (generic)
Laptop with Windows 10 (generic)


POV Cyclinder with Arduino Due
This is the schematic.


Arduino source code for POV Cylinder
PC Control Program for POV Cylinder
This is a C++ command line program running under Cygwin
Graphical User Interface for POV Cylinder
This is a Windows Universal App


Hanoba diy
Harald Bauer
1 project • 5 followers
System/SoC Architect by day, Maker by night.


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