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The Smart Hospital Bed

Raspberry pi and Windows 10 powered device that transmits patient data to caregivers wherever they are, instantaneously.

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The Smart Hospital Bed

Things used in this project


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circute discription

this describe the aide function


smart bed wifi cod

this for send value to the system

# Reading an analogue sensor with
# a single GPIO pin

# Author : Matt Hawkins
# Distribution : Raspbian
# Python : 2.7
# GPIO   : RPi.GPIO v3.1.0a

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO, time

# Tell the GPIO library to use
# Broadcom GPIO references

# Define function to measure charge time
def RCtime (PiPin):
  measurement = 0
  # Discharge capacitor
  GPIO.setup(PiPin, GPIO.OUT)
  GPIO.output(PiPin, GPIO.LOW)

  GPIO.setup(PiPin, GPIO.IN)
  # Count loops until voltage across
  # capacitor reads high on GPIO
  while (GPIO.input(PiPin) == GPIO.LOW):
    measurement += 1

  return measurement

# Main program loop
while True:
  print RCtime(4) # Measure timing using GPIO4


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