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3/1/2016 : New Growth
Project log #8
On Mar 1, 2016 at 3:47 PM - 0 comments

I am finally opening this project back up. I obviously missed the deadline for the contest, but I do still have the obligation to myself and the people who gave me the LinkIt One board to finish it. I've simplified the system by a lot. I am no longer using the Seeed Studio Grove system, I'm just using plane sensors as they're easier to write classes for. The reason the project was on hiatus for so long was because I had trouble writing for the humidity/temp sensor I was using. There wasn't a lot of information and the library for the LinkIt was too simplified. I've since redesigned it to use just a plain tmp36, one of my favorite sensors. I'm also using the VT20N1 from Excelitas as the light sensor which is very responsive to any light which will give me the accuracy I need. I'm excited to get this project back underway as it's been on the shelf for some time.​

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Jonathan Eskow

Electronics Engineer at NextFab and ECE undergrad at Temple University


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