Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Mcp23008 scio6r2g5v1 a 1 Particle Photon I²C 2-Channel SPDT 1-Amp Signal Relay
We used one of these boards with 4 channels instead.
Photon new
Particle Photon
Adafruit ds18b20 waterproof digital temperature sensor
Software apps and online services:
porter app
Particle 2.0 iOS App


Plant UML code for the state machine of the firmwarePlain text
To draw the FSM image, copy paste this code in
skinparam backgroundColor LightYellow
skinparam state {
  BackgroundColor LightBlue
  BorderColor Gray
  FontName Impact

[*] --> initState

note left of initState : The system boots\nin this state

initState -down-> offState: 10 seconds

offState: heating off
offState -down-> onState: temperature < target

onState: heating on
onState -up-> offState: temperature > target
github repo
flash this code in your photon


Img 20160904 wa0001
Gustavo Gonnet

If you need professional help with a project, contact me at

Thanks to Sergio Boyd.


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