Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Raspberry pi zero
Raspberry Pi Zero
Get the newer version that has a camera interface. And make sure you got a Micro-USB cable to connect the Pi to your computer
Ir03 back grande
☒XinaBox IR03
☒XinaBox OC05 - Servo Driver
☒XinaBox XC10
Md01 v1.0.0 front grande
☒XinaBox MD01
Really just a spacer to mount the servo on, so very optional.
11868 00a
Raspberry Pi Camera module
Remember to get the narrower flat cable that fits the RasPi Zero
3.7v LiPo battery (generic)
Servo (generic)
Any small servo with standard 2.54 mm 3 pin header cable, and mounting gear (nuts/bolts, rubber bands, cable ties, glue, or what ever is your preference)
Software apps and online services:
Raspberry Pi Raspbian Lite Etcher
☒XinaBox OC05 Servo Driver


from __future__ import division
import time
from datetime import datetime 
import rpOC05
import picamera

pwm = rpOC05.PCA9685()

servo_min = 150  # Min pulse length out of 4096
servo_max = 500  # Max pulse length out of 4096
i = servo_max + 10
chan = 8
filename = 'frames/frame-%s.jpg'
# signal ready with a wave
pwm.set_pwm(chan, 0, servo_min)
pwm.set_pwm(chan, 0, servo_max)

print('Time-Lapse Running...')
while True:
  if i > servo_max:
    i = servo_min      
  pwm.set_pwm(chan, 0, i)
  with picamera.PiCamera(resolution=(1920,1080)) as cam:
    ts = str(datetime.utcnow())
    cam.capture(filename % ts,quality=90,thumbnail=None)
  # time-lapse interval in seconds.
  i += 1


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Bjarke Gotfredsen ☒
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CEO, Founder and Inventor of the XinaBox tech.


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