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Titmouse V2 temp sensor and birdhouse.

Ad astrorum volucris! A wireless temp and humidity sensor for all your volcano lair needs. Inspired by Dragon V2 and Kerbal Space Program.

IntermediateWork in progress507
Titmouse V2 temp sensor and birdhouse.

Things used in this project

Hardware components

M3 Heat-Set Insert
Great part to have on hand if you own a 3d printer.
M3 x 6 screws
Just grab a handful from your M3 big bag-O Black oxide screws. Just shake your reprap printer till they drop out like fruit from a tree.
M3 x 6 mm flush mount hex screws
Can swap out for non flush mount
molex male power
Optional replacement with standard JST. Specked as water proof molex as I had a pair on hand from another project and they are water resistant. Way over the top on power handling. Remember to buy matching male crimp connections.
Molex female power
Purchase 2 female crimps or replace with JST.
impWeather station project

Software apps and online services

Fusion 360
Autodesk Fusion 360


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Custom parts and enclosures

The Titmouse V2 enclosure

Should be 3d printable with no support with the exception of the heat shield.

Main birdhouse body drawing

Use for scale and painting reference

Parts for birdhouse body

Use for painting reference for accessory parts for main body. To be printed seperate from main body and welded in place whit acetone or other glue method.

Electronics enclosure

Main body of electronics enclosure prints in 2 parts.


Gary Bleck

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