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OLED on the Cheap!
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128x64 OLED displays are available for under $5 USD and are easily interfaced to Arduino AVR and STM32 boards such as the Maple Mini clone.

AVR VideoBlaster
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How about NTSC color video on a single chip with just 2 resistors?

ATtiny85-powered programmable intervalometer for Canon DSLR
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Some Canon DSLRs don't have a built-in intervalometer. Simple solution - make one yourself!

Weather Wand
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Magic wand to paint with color light based on temperature.

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An innovative hiking stick that helps you explore your surroundings and share your experiences with others.


Team Mystick

Infrared Dedicated Decoder
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Offload IR decode to a dedicated Attiny85 for efficiency, simplicity, and reduced resources on the main microcontroller.

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