Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Intel Edison
Grove 20starter 20kit 20plus 20  20intel c2 ae 20iot2 01
SeeedStudio Grove starter kit plus for Intel Edison
Using - Temperature and Humidity Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Buzzer, DC Motor, Moisture Sensor
Software apps and online services:
Intel XDK
Ha 2up iot
Amazon Web Services AWS IoT
Screen%20shot%202015 07 20%20at%206.11.48%20pm
Amazon Web Services AWS DynamoDB
Screen%20shot%202015 07 20%20at%206.10.26%20pm
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda


Block Diagram
Screens of AWS
Design Scraps
Working video


Adaptive Irrigation Control
It contains the documentation and the Code for the IOT + some tips on the AWS configurations



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