Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Ardgen mega
Arduino Mega 2560 & Genuino Mega 2560
Texas Instruments LM2596 5V
Buck Converter
Texas Instruments LM2596 ADJ
Buck Converter for Variable Voltage
Texas Instruments LM1117 3V3
Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery
18650 Type
Texas Instruments SN754410NE
Interface and IO ICs / Peripheral Drivers and Actuators (Motor Driver)
Texas Instruments Level Shifter
Logic ICs / Receivers, Transceivers
Clock and Timer ICs / Real-Time Clocks
Microchip MCP4725
Data Converters / Digital to Analog Converters (DACs)
Mouser ADE7912
Dual channel 24-bit Isolated ADC
TFT 1.8" Screen
ST7735R driver, SPI Communication
Digital Joystick
5-way Navigation Key
SD Card Slot
Micro SD card
Everything ESP ESP8266 ESP-12E
Inbuilt ESP8266 ESP-12E 2mm pitch headers
11373 01
SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated
Inbuilt XBee/Zig-Bee 2mm pitch headers
HC-05 Adapter
Inbuilt HC-05 0.1" pitch headers
3 Position Slide Switch
Tactile Switch
Adafruit industries ada64 image 75px
Solderless Breadboard Half Size
Te connectivity 4 103741 0 image 75px
Male Header 40 Position 1 Row (0.1")
3m 969102 0000 da image 75px
Generic Jumper (0.1")
2471 10
Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout
Inbuilt ESP8266 Breakout Jumper Pins for model ESP-12E
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino IDE

Custom parts and enclosures

evive's CAD model
It includes full CAD model of evive with all electronics components and casing.


evive's user-friendly schematic diagram
It includes a very user-friendly schematic showing the necessary connections, I/O pins, ICs etc.


evive software
This repo contains Arduino and C++ based libraries and files for uploading to evive. It contains a menu based function for list (control, sensing, mini oscilloscope, etc.) and user defined functions section. All the necessary libraries like TFT library etc are included. (Under development)


Dhrupal R Shah

a entrepreneur, robotics enthusiast and maker



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