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Alarm Device controlled by Bluetooth or WiFi - Part 1

Part 1 (this project): M5Stack Atom Lite (ESP32 Pico) that can be controlled by BLE or WiFi. Part 2: Android app to control the ESP32.

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Alarm Device controlled by Bluetooth or WiFi - Part 1

Things used in this project

Hardware components

M5Stack ATOM Lite ESP32 Development Kit
Grove - Vibration Motor
Seeed Studio Grove - Vibration Motor

Software apps and online services

PlatformIO IDE
PlatformIO IDE
nRF Connect SDK
Nordic Semiconductor nRF Connect SDK
VS Code
Microsoft VS Code


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Source code for BLE/WiFi version on GitHub

Project for PlatfomIO IDE (based on Visual Studio Code). Application can be configured as BLE or WiFi server.


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