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Getting Temp, Humidity Information with Android Things
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Basically, the project will transfer data with DHT11 over wireless through NodeMCU.

Bike Swarm
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Cyclists will be able to connect seamlessly to form a synchronized swarm of riders to reduce traffic congestion and improving safety.

Bike Swarm

Team Bright Water Bottle

MATRIX Creator with Google Things
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The Google team has launched Google Things. Now, the MATRIX Creator team supports it with all sensors and everloop ring LEDs.

MATRIX Creator with Google Things

Team Matrix Creator - Matrix Labs

Outdoor Recreation Areas
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Discover national parks, forests, and other recreation areas near you, powered by the Recreation Information Database API.

Whistle Safety
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Whistle Safety helps you create your own emergency network and get the help and services from who you need when you need it.

Whistle Safety

Team Whistle Life

Coloring Pages
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Ask Alexa to print something. It could be an animal, a cartoon character, a mandala, etc. Alexa will find a coloring page for you to color.

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