Things used in this project

Hardware components:
11113 01
SparkFun Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz
HC-05 bluetooth
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
Male/Male Jumper Wires
826 04
Male/Female Jumper Wires
Rg relay a
RobotGeek Relay
3 AAA enclosed battery case
2S LiPo battery 300-1000 mah (XT-60 connector)
0.25 mm Nichrome wire
XT-60 LiPo connector
Heat Shrink Tubing
A plastic box with detachable lid
Openbuilds wire cable by foot
OpenBuilds Wire Cable - By the Foot
Terminal strip block
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
Wire stripper
Wire cutter
Soldering flux
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Usb to TTL adapter


The circuit schematic


The code that should be uploaded th the pro miniArduino
The code establishes a software serial connection (for HC-05) bluetooth module.

Then in the loop it listens to the serial connection for incoming communication (from the phone or tablet).

When something is received it will be checked for validity in the isPinNrValid function ( it should a pin number from 3 to 9), and then it toggles the pin on for "igniteTime". Ignite time is a constant initially defined by me for 2500 ms, you can change that to whatever you like, i've found out that my fireworks would ignite successfully given that interval.
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(12, 13); // RX, TX
const int igniteTime = 2500;

void setup()

void loop()
    if (bluetooth.available() > 0) {
        char received =;
        if (isPinNrValid(received)) {

bool isPinNrValid(char pin)
    return pin >= '3' and pin <= '9';

void togglePin(char pinNr)
   Serial.print("Toggle pin:");Serial.println(pinNr);
   String pin;
   pin += (char) pinNr;
   int number = pin.toInt();
   pinMode(number, OUTPUT);
   digitalWrite(number, HIGH); 
   digitalWrite(number, LOW); 



I'm an electronics enthusiast, passionate about science, and programming.I like the challenges involved with building things from scratch.



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