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UV robot for home sanitation

A UV robot that kills germs for sanitising your home

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino LilyPad Main Board
Arduino LilyPad Main Board

Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE


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Diagram for wiring the motion sensor

Follow the diagram for wiring


Code for the robot

#include <IRremote.h>   // including the IR remote library
#define forward  58359 // code received from forward  button
#define backward  5499  // code received from backward button
#define left  25979 // code received from left button
#define right  59295 // code received from right button
#define stop_button  15547 // code received from stop button
// Pins for first motor
int EN_A = 13;
int IN_1 = 12;
int IN_2 = 11;
// Pins for second motor
int EN_B = 8;
int IN_3 = 10;
int IN_4 = 9;
char command;
int receiver_pin = 4;   //Connect the output pin of IR receiver at pin 4
int vcc = 5;            //VCC for IR sensor
int gnd = 6;            //GND for IR sensor
IRrecv receiver(receiver_pin); //Arduino will take output of IR receiver from pin 2
decode_results output;
void setup()
  receiver.enableIRIn();  // Start to take the output from IR receiver
  //initializing all the pins as output pins
  pinMode(vcc, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(gnd, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(EN_A, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(EN_B, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN_1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN_2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN_3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(IN_4, OUTPUT);
// Initializing ENA, ENB and vcc pin high
  digitalWrite(vcc, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(EN_A, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(EN_B, HIGH);
void loop() {
  if (receiver.decode(&output)) {
    unsigned int value = output.value;
    switch(value) {
  case forward:
      //Moving Forward
  digitalWrite(IN_1, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(IN_2, LOW); 
  digitalWrite(IN_3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN_4, HIGH);
case backward:
      //Moving backward
  digitalWrite(IN_1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN_2, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(IN_3, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(IN_4, LOW);
case left:
       //Turning left
  digitalWrite(IN_3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN_4, HIGH);
  case right:
        //Turning Right
  digitalWrite(IN_1, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(IN_2, LOW);
  case stop_button:
  digitalWrite(IN_1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN_2, LOW); 
  digitalWrite(IN_3, LOW);
  digitalWrite(IN_4, LOW);


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