The Great WunderBar Holiday Challenge

Win a fantastic gift for the holidays

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Winning entries

Best project

  • 1,934
  • 8

Work in progress

Sends a "Yo" when the company's pinball machine becomes available. Uses WunderBar's proximity sensor, Yo's API and a clever node.js script.

Other entries

Casa Emergencia
  • 536
  • 7

Full instructions

Casa Emergencie - Wunderbar Droidcon 2014 Hackathon Entry

Casa Emergencia

Team WunderGuys

  • 1,200
  • 5

Work in progress

Open source platform developed on a MEAN stack for managing Internet of Things sensors and register events when their data changes!

  • 96
  • 1

Full instructions

Use the Wunderbar's bridge module to control a servo motor on receiving data from the cloud.

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