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TechFashion Design Challenge 2023

Redefine the future of fashion

Total prize pool of $50,000

TechFashion Design Challenge 2023
TechFashion Design Challenge 2023
This contest is over! See all the winning entries. Want more chances to win prizes? Check out our active contests.



Other questions

Did I win the contest? When will I receive my prize?

If you are a winner, we will contact you directly via email to arrange the shipment of your prize.

I submitted my project but it says "Awaiting moderation". Will it affect my eligibility?
As long as you submit your project before the deadline it doesn't matter when it is moderated. Just sit back and enjoy a well deserved break!
My project is locked and I can't edit it anymore. Why is that?
All projects entered in the contest are locked after the submission deadline to ensure that they remain the same during the judging process. They are then unlocked after winners are announced.
Somebody copied my entry! What can I do?
When judging entries, we take into account the submission date. When an entry is clearly plagiarized from another, we favor the original entry. If you believe the result of the judging is unfair, please email us at artbyphysicistkittyyeung@gmail.com to appeal.
What are the entry requirements?

To be eligible for judging, you must meet ALL of the following requirements unless otherwise stated:

General Requirements

  • You must be registered as a participant for this contest.
  • Your entry must be your own original work.
  • Your entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other Hackster contest.
  • You can enter as a team, but your team is no more than 5 members per entry.*

*By entering a submission to this contest on behalf of a team, you acknowledge that you are the designated representative authorized to act on behalf of your team. (See full rules below for details)

Hardware/Software Build Requirements

  • Your project must be created using either option that's listed on the contest page (solar film and/or no-code LED)
  • Your project must be wearable tech embedded/integrated clothing

Project Documentation Requirements

  • Your project must include a project name, short project description, cover image, bill of materials (BOM), full instructions of your design concept, images, and relevant visuals.
  • Your project must be written in English.
  • Your project must be submitted by Jun 18, 2023 at 11:55 PM PT.
What are the judging criteria?

Your project will be judged according to the rubric below.

  • Project Documentation (30 points)
    Story/Instructions - Show how you created your project, including images, screenshots, and/or a video demonstration of your solution working as intended. Ask yourself: “If I were a beginner reading this project, would I understand how to recreate it?”
  • Complete Bill Of Materials (20 points)
    Detail the hardware components that you will be using and why you chose the material. Remember our awards go to practical, manufacturable, and sustainable categories.
  • Visual Communications (20 points)
    Draw your layout (can be hand drawn or software) or use mockups, 3D simulations and prototypes to communicate how to construct your design.
  • Creativity (30 points)
    Wow us with your design and out-of-the-box thinking.
What are the prizes?
$10,000 value package of technical and go-to-market consulting services on productization and manufacturing development and campaign marketing production.
What are the steps to enter the contest?

Register for the Contest

  • Start by creating a free account on Hackster.io (or sign-in if already a member).
  • Register for the contest by clicking “Register as a participant”.


  • Submit your idea of wearable tech clothing as a Hackster.io project by June 18, 2023.
  • Include your story, design, photos and/or videos, and proposal of how you will utilize and integrate the element/hardware - this can be hand drawings or sketches, but the more visual explanation the better. We encourage you to utilize images, GIFs, illustrations, and video clips.
  • Note: this is not a full tutorial, but rather an idea proposal as you will be entering into the next round to work with the technical experts directly for the implementation. You can continue to update your project with technical how-to and details in the future as your project evolves. But for the scope of this contest and for judging, you just need to illustrate your concept.
  • Review your project and make sure it meets all the submission requirements.
  • Submit your project by clicking “review and submit project” on the contest page.


  • 5 ideas will be the go-to-market semi-finalists and selected as the collective cohort to enter the next round for go-to-market campaigns.
  • If you want to go for People's Choice: turn your project privacy setting to "public" and invite people to "like" your project. The project that receives the most likes will be the winner of the category.

Go to market

  • Semi-finalists’ designs will be commissioned with Art by Physicist. They enter an Art by Physicist crowdfunding campaign during which the designs will be listed as rewards, backed by the public, beyond the maker community.
  • Semi-finalists will work with Art by Physicist to create presentations and determine the goal, cost of R&D, manufacturing, shipping, and the listed prices of the products.

Final winner(s)

  • Finalists are designs that receive more than 20 orders (up to 5 winners!). Art by Physicist will help the finalists manufacture final products and work with finalists to determine how shipping should be handled.
  • Runner-ups are those with less than 20 orders. They have a choice to move forward with making the products themselves and receiving backer payments or refunding the backers.
  • The grand prize winner is determined by the number of orders chosen by crowdfunding backers.

Final prize rewards

  • Final winners (finalists and runner-ups who chose to produce the orders) will receive cash rewards based on the orders made by the Kickstarter backers minus the costs and donations.
  • Finalists will also be featured in a two-page spread in Make: V86 and on makezine.com
  • Backers will receive the products they backed. Art by Physicist will work with the winners on logistics.
  • Art by Physicist will help process fulfillment payments. For the runner-ups, they will be paid upfront for half the pledge from backers so that they can commit to their own manufacturing (commitment fund) and will receive the remaining payment after orders are fulfilled. If they fail to fulfill the orders, they will return the commitment fund to Art by Physicist.
  • Art by Physicist will match funding 5% of this project's raise to donate to charity for STEAM education and environmental protection cause – and fund that match contribution from their prize money pool.
What is the contest timeline?

Contest begins:

April 28, 2023 at 7:00 AM PT

Submissions close:

June 18, 2023 at 11:55 PM PT

Winners announced:

July 14, 2023

When will winners be announced? Where can I see the list?

Contest winners will be announced on July 14, 2023. The list of winners will be visible on the main page (Contest brief).

Who is eligible to participate?

You are eligible to enter if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:

  • You are at least 13 years of age
    If you are 12 years or younger, you must receive a legal guardian's permission and have them complete Hackster’s contest permission form prior to submitting an entry into this contest. Send any questions to contests@hackster.io.
  • You are not a resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria
    US export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to the countries listed above, therefore residents of these countries are not eligible to participate in this challenge.
  • You are not involved in the execution or administration of this contest.
  • You are not an immediate family member or household member of a Hackster employee.
Are the marketed products branded as Art by Physicist or under a brand owned by the designer? Who is the owner of the Kickstarter campaign? (I.e. who signs the contract with Kickstarter?)

The marketed products will feature a co-branding of both Art by Physicist and the semi-finalists, highlighting the collaboration as Designer/Brand x Art by Physicist. Art by Physicist will handle the contract signing with Kickstarter and campaign management. Semi-finalists will be granted collaborator and co-editor status on the campaign, ensuring full access and visibility to all campaign data.

Are the production expenses (materials, manufacturing, shipping) underwritten at all, or is that strictly the responsibility of the designer?

The production expenses, including materials, manufacturing, and shipping, will be factored into the reward pricing of the Kickstarter campaign and covered by backers' pledges. Semi-finalists and Art by Physicist will collaboratively determine the pricing during the consultation and product development phase, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome.

Does Art by Physicist retain any rights to the design after it goes to production, or do those belong solely to the designer?

All materials submitted by the semi-finalists during the contest will remain the exclusive property of the respective semi-finalists. Art by Physicist and the semi-finalists will collaboratively produce the Kickstarter campaign promotional materials, with both parties retaining the rights to use them for promotional purposes. Materials developed by Art by Physicist for each semi-finalist, such as digital samples, patterns, techpacks, BOMs, will be co-owned by both Art by Physicist and the semi-finalist. A mutual non-disclosure agreement can be arranged between both parties.


Each semi-finalist will be included in Art by Physicist's communications with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure transparency and monitor project progress. Art by Physicist will not produce the products beyond the Kickstarter fulfillment unless both parties agree to continue the collaboration, such as selling on each other's websites, cross-promotion, and on-demand production, under an agreed-upon revenue share. In this case, a separate agreement will be established.


At all times, the products must be branded as Designer/Brand x Art by Physicist. Derivative works by both parties may be created with acknowledgment of the original Designer/Brand x Art by Physicist version.

How is the income from Kickstarter (if any) divided between Art by Physicist and the designer?

The income generated from the Kickstarter campaign will be divided between Art by Physicist and the semi-finalists in accordance with a predetermined agreement. The specifics of this agreement will be discussed with each semi-finalist upon selection, taking into account project complexity and the level of collaboration required during the consultation and product development phase.

To see a reference of Art by Physicist's past percentage income from Kickstarter campaigns please see contest page under the section "Final prize rewards"

Is it mandatory to use solar films or the nLiten LEDs? Or can we use any other components for the contest?
During this contest period, we are asking you to create a proof-of-concept prototype, so you may substitute other components to demonstrate how you would integrate the solar film hardware (electrically  + form-factor wise) and/or nLiten LEDs, you can also combine them to other components. If your project is selected as a semi-finalist, it will be mandatory to change to the required components for production, and what you win is the material+integration support! 
Is the estimated financial value of the prize strictly due to the value of consulting, publicity, and the income from Kickstarter sales, or is there a cash prize and/or coverage of any of the physical production expenses (beyond consulting and ads)

As outlined in previous Q&As, the $10,000 value pack for each semi-finalist encompasses consultation, product development, publicity, and coordination with Kickstarter, manufacturers, and suppliers.

The remaining backer pledge, after the allocated costs have been paid to Kickstarter, manufacturers, and suppliers, will constitute the final cash income shared between the semi-finalists and Art by Physicist. Each semi-finalist will independently agree with Art by Physicist on their share based on their specific project, without dependency on other semi-finalists.

Who covers the expenses of running the Kickstarter campaign for the resulting product? Who covers Kickstarter's cut of the sales revenue?

Art by Physicist will bear the expenses associated with running the Kickstarter campaign, as part of the $10,000 value pack provided to each semi-finalist. Semi-finalists will collaborate with Art by Physicist on creating promotional materials, utilizing raw materials produced during the Hackster contest as much as possible. Kickstarter's portion of the sales revenue will be automatically deducted from backers' pledges by the platform itself.

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