Smartphone Hacks Challenge

with 1Sheeld
Smartphones are growing more powerful & useful, with lots of new sensors. Hit us with your creative projects using Arduino and 1Sheeld!
Smartphone Hacks Challenge
Smartphone Hacks Challenge
This contest is over! See all the winning entries. Want more chances to win prizes? Check out our active contests.



Did I win the contest? When will I receive my prize?

If you are a winner, we will contact you directly via email to arrange the shipment of your prize.

I submitted my project but it says "Awaiting moderation". Will it affect my eligibility?
As long as you submit your project before the deadline it doesn't matter when it is moderated. Just sit back and enjoy a well deserved break!
My project is locked and I can't edit it anymore. Why is that?
All projects entered in the contest are locked after the submission deadline to ensure that they remain the same during the judging process. They are then unlocked after winners are announced.
Somebody copied my entry! What can I do?
When judging entries, we take into account the submission date. When an entry is clearly plagiarized from another, we favor the original entry. If you believe the result of the judging is unfair, please email us at to appeal.
What are the judging criteria?

The project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Documentation (20 Points)

  • The project has to have a demonstration video of maximum 3 minutes.
  • Project steps have to be well documented.
  • Steps should include visual photos.
  • Download 1Sheeld part on Fritzing here.

Creativity (10 Points)

  • Awesome project idea! 

Quality of Code (10 Points)

  • Code has to be well documented, and has enough comments to help makers understand it.

Voting (10 Points)

  • Hackster community has an input on this, they will vote for the best project ;)



What are the prizes?
First Place
  • M3D - 3D Printer + Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino + 20% discount voucher from Seeed Studio + 1Sheeld T-shirt + Hackster T-shirt (2 are available)
Second Place
  • Mini Soldering Iron + Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino + 20% discount voucher from Seeed Studio + 1Sheeld T-shirt + Hackster T-shirt (3 are available)
Third Place
  • 10% Seeed Studio Voucher + 1Sheeld T-shirt + Hackster T-shirt (5 are available)
Fourth Place
  • 1Sheeld T-shirt + Hackster T-shirt (6 are available)
What are the steps to enter the contest?

1. Get your 1Sheeld board and select the desired shields from the app.

Don’t have a 1Sheeld?

Tell us about your idea in a tweet on #Arduino_smartphone_hacks and mention @1Sheeld, and we will send you a promo code for 25% discount!

Or work on 1Sheeld for free! You can find it at one of our partner makerspaces near you!



2. Login to, the largest Arduino playground in the world!

Finish the Getting Started Walkthrough to make sure you have everything set up on your computer.
Check out any of the 1Sheeld Library Examples to get started with 1Sheeld, or create a new sketch and include the 1Sheeld library.
You can also search for other people’s projects to get ideas, and clone them to your account.


3. Follow 1Sheeld on Hackster, upload your project and embed the code from Codebender.


What is the contest timeline?

Winners announced:

December 31, 1969

Contest begins:

August 1, 2015 at 1:51 AM PT

Submissions close:

September 21, 2015 at 2:58 PM PT

When will winners be announced? Where can I see the list?

Contest winners will be announced on December 31, 1969. The list of winners will be visible on the main page (Contest brief).

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone from any country who has an Arduino board and a 1Sheeld is welcome to join the competition :)

Don't have a 1Sheeld? You can work on it for free at one of our makerspaces partners, or tweet us your project idea on #Arduino_smartphone_hacks to get a 25% discount on 1Sheeld!

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Email us.