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Arduino I2C Multi-Master Approach - Why and How

The Arduino is simple, cheap and power efficient but has limitations. Sometimes, you may want to have more than one access your I2C bus.

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Arduino I2C Multi-Master Approach - Why and How

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO
Sparkfun Simblee BLE Breakout - RFD77101
Sparkfun Simblee BLE Breakout - RFD77101
Texas Instruments FRAM
Maxim DS3231 Temperature Compensated - Real Time Clock with integrated crystal


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High-Level Schematic

System Diagram


Sample Code for Master-Master Arbitration

These functions make sure that one or the other microcontroller but not both can control the i2c bus.
// Example of how to use the functions
unsigned long FRAMread32(unsigned long address)
  long four;
  long three;
  long two;
  long one;
  if(TakeTheBus()) {  // Request exclusive access to the bus 
    //Read the 4 bytes from memory.
    four = fram.read8(address);
    three = fram.read8(address + 1);
    two = fram.read8(address + 2);
    one = fram.read8(address + 3);
  GiveUpTheBus();// Release exclusive access to the bus
  //Return the recomposed long by using bitshift.
  return ((four << 0) & 0xFF) + ((three << 8) & 0xFFFF) + ((two << 16) & 0xFFFFFF) + ((one << 24) & 0xFFFFFFFF);

// Function that takes control of the i2c bus
boolean TakeTheBus() 
  int timeout = 10000;  // We will wait ten seconds then give up
  unsigned long startListening = millis();
  //Serial.println("Simblee has the Bus");
  while(digitalRead(SQWPin)) {} // The Simblee will wait until the SQW pin goes low
  while (!digitalRead(TalkPin))  { // Only proceed once the TalkPin is high or we timeout
    if (millis() >= timeout + startListening) return 0;  // timed out
  pinMode(TalkPin,OUTPUT);  // Change to output
  digitalWrite(TalkPin,LOW);  // Claim the bus
  return 1;           // We have it

// Function that gives up control of the i2c bus
boolean GiveUpTheBus() 
  pinMode(TalkPin,INPUT);  // Start listening again
  //Serial.println("Simblee gave up the Bus");
  return 1;


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