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Created November 17, 2015 © Apache-2.0

Hugo (aka 'U go!)

LinkIt ONE dog-(wear)able board, activated by remote: track your dog if you miss him, escape or is stolen just with a simple SMS!

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Hugo (aka 'U go!)

Things used in this project

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer (generic)
3D Printer (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
Note: to reduce the occupied space the sensor components are soldered to short wires and connected directly to the LinkIt ONE board without PCB.


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Custom parts and enclosures

Prototype box STL files

This file includes the three base components for the Hugo box plus the optional base to fix the device on a structure. Hugo can be sewed on a dog dress, as well as mounted on a wearable support like the dog GoPro camera support


CIrcuit schematics

The schematics shows the connections with the LinkIt ONE pin. Power supply and GND are intended to be connected to the 5V and GND pins of the LinkIt ONE.


LinkIt One Hugo project official repository

This is the repository of the LinkIt ONE application. check last commit on the master branch to get the most updated version. At the date some meaningful improvements has been added respect the version running in the video. Further enhancements will be added in the next future.


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