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Laboratory Arc-Lamp Power Supply

Demonstration project to show the lowest power losses in commutating half-bridge drive also working over varying reactance and current.

Laboratory Arc-Lamp Power Supply

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Infineon CoolMOS C7 Gold SJ MOSFET
Na/10 (Sodium Arc) Osram
ams OSRAM Na/10 (Sodium Arc) Osram
The sodium lamp has the most demanding starting and warming up characteristic of the range of Spectrol arc-lamps,
Texas Instruments ICC20225NPL TI
I have used Infineon Gate drivers parts previously they are excellent. This TI part more fully meets the requirement.
MSS1278-104 100uH choke.
Alternative operating frequency.
Texas Instruments UCC3806
Low power version of UC3846. Current mode switch-mode power supply controller.
CST2010-200L_ Current transformer
AGP4233 330uH choke
PA1005.125NL current transformer
Alternative smaller current transformer
CRHV2010 6M6 resistor Vishay
It should be possible to get samples to prototype. If not a note has been made on the changes in order to use 10M which is stocked by a number of distributors.

Software apps and online services

Coil Craft Power Inductor loss-calculator tool
There are a number of other tools on this website to help you select the optimum inductor for your project.

Hand tools and fabrication machines

PCB and circuit design tool - Express version is free. I have licenced Lite 17 and 18 versions .
I have the free version - electronic circuit simulation tool. Is good provided you keep the function small. Is particularly good for power transistor simulation.
Tina TI
Alternative to Simetrix. It will handle larger designs but I need to re-read how to use the tool. I did not complete any work with this tool.
LT Spice
I did not use this tool unfortunately LTspice the current version does not work on any of my three laptops. It is a very good tool although more complicated to use and it does work on a desktop PC. The help Yahoo group is very good although the reply can be quite spiky. That yahoo group only support simulation and ADI support PC issues.


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