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Tipper Tracker

A device to monitor to track bin usage and help predict collection requirements.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

AVR IoT Mini Cellular Board
Microchip AVR IoT Mini Cellular Board
Tilt Switch, SPST
Tilt Switch, SPST
Rechargeable Battery, 3.7 V
Rechargeable Battery, 3.7 V

Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE
DX Core
Arduino support for the AVR DA, DB-series

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)
3D Printer (generic)
3D Printer (generic)
Laser cutter (generic)
Laser cutter (generic)


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Custom parts and enclosures

Internal base holder

A frame to hold the device and battery in place. Printed from PET-G or PLA.

External cover

A cover to hold the tracker to the bin and protect it. Printed from PET-G or TPU.

Cover plate

A plate to close the internal base 3D print in the external cover.


Tipper Tracker Wiring Diagram


Tipper Tracker Firmware


   Tipper Tracker firmware
   Alistair MacDonald 2024

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <http_client.h>
#include <led_ctrl.h>
#include <log.h>
#include <low_power.h>
#include <lte.h>

#include <mcp9808.h>
#include <veml3328.h>

#define DOMAIN ""

// Consifuration

// Pin for the test button - D11
#define SW0 PIN_PD2
// Pin for the tip up switch - D10
#define SW1 PIN_PB5
// Pin for the tip down switch - D9
#define SW2 PIN_PD0
// Maximum sleep time for keep alive
#define SLEEP_TIMEOUT 86400

// Globals

volatile int sleepRestoreReason = 0; //

// Functions

// Sleep the device
int sleepDevice(uint32_t inDuration) {
  // Turn off all the ancillary hardware
  // Reset the verable to identify why we woke up
  sleepRestoreReason = 0;
  // Put the core hardware to sleep
  // If we are here we have just woken up and sleepRestoreReason will have been set if it was a switch
  // Return the reason we woke up
  return sleepRestoreReason;

// Send an update to the server
int sendTipUpdate(int inMessage) {

  if (!HttpClient.configure(DOMAIN, 80, false)) {"Failed to configure http client\r\n"));
  }"Configured to HTTP"));

  String postData = "{\"message\": \"" + String(inMessage) + "\"}";
  HttpResponse response ="/update/", postData.c_str());

  Log.infof(F("POST - HTTP status code: %u, data size: %u\r\n"),

  // Add some extra bytes for termination
  String body = HttpClient.readBody(response.data_size + 16);

  if (body != "") {
    Log.infof(F("Body: %s\r\n"), body.c_str());

  return true;


// Callback functions

// A function to complete the interupt callbacks
void switchCallback() {
  if (PORTD.INTFLAGS & PIN2_bm) {
      // Reset the interrupt flag

// Callback for tipper switch 1
void switch1Callback(void) {
  sleepRestoreReason = 1;

// Callback for tipper switch 3
void switch2Callback(void) {
  sleepRestoreReason = 2;

// Callback for the debugging button (SW0)
void switch3Callback(void) {
  sleepRestoreReason = 3;

// Main code

void setup() {
  // Start the log for debugging

  // Initalise the hardware
  LedCtrl.begin();  // LEDs
  Veml3328.begin(); // Light sensor
  Mcp9808.begin();  // Temprature sensor

  // Alow the modem and the CPU to be powered down
  // Note that the networks in the UK do not currenlty support the power save feature

  // Enable the switches and hook in the callbacks
  pinConfigure(SW1, PIN_DIR_INPUT | PIN_PULLUP_ON);
  attachInterrupt(SW1, switch1Callback, FALLING);
  pinConfigure(SW2, PIN_DIR_INPUT | PIN_PULLUP_ON);
  attachInterrupt(SW2, switch2Callback, FALLING);
  pinConfigure(SW0, PIN_DIR_INPUT | PIN_PULLUP_ON);
  attachInterrupt(SW0, switch3Callback, FALLING);

  // Make the lights flash, becasue we can
  // That and debugging. Yes, we are usig a visual indicator for debuggind and totllay not becuase it looks cool

  // Start LTE modem and connect to the operator
  if (!Lte.begin()) {
    Log.error(F("Failed to connect to the operator"));

  Log.infof(F("Connected to operator: %s\r\n"), Lte.getOperator().c_str());

void loop() {
  // Sleep the device until somthing happens
  int wakeReason = sleepDevice(SLEEP_TIMEOUT);
  Log.infof(F("Wake Reason: %d\r\n"), wakeReason);

  // If we are here somthing must have happeed so report it to the server



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