Roboquin Speech Synthesis & Recognition with Alexa & Arduino

Roboquin’s speech synthesis and voice command recognition uses Amazon Alexa. Arduino is used to control its head and arm’s movement.

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Roboquin Block Diagram

Roboquin Block Diagram

Here microphone and Raspberry Pi/ Alexa Pi are the hardware parts which relates to the WiFi/Internet to Amazon Voice services. Amazon Voice services are using Artificial Intelligence. Amazon Voice services and IFTTT are software services in cloud environment. is a good website to know more about IFTTT software. It is sending text to Flite/espeak software. Espeak software had some problem, but for the project purpose Flite/espeak both were used. Flite stands for festive lite which convert text to speech and send it to speaker. Speaker is the hardware part and with the help of it Roboquin talks to people. She says that hello my name is Roboquin and more.


Raspberry Pi Linux Commands to Implement Speech Synthesis

The meaning of various command line parameters is shown below:
-v<voice name>
  Use voice file of this name from espeak-data/voices
   Stands for the language
-us<united states>
   Stands for the country
   Stands for gender being used
   Speed in words per minute
-f<text file>
   Text file to speak
Install espeak application using the command: 
$ sudo apt-get install espeak 
Connect the speakers to Raspberry Pi audio output in order to get the speech. Following command is used to test the speech hardware and software: 
$ espeak "This is a test" 
Create the file roboquin1.txt containing the following text: 
hello my name is robo quin.
Use following command to tell Raspberry Pi to say the text that is in the text file:
$ espeak -f roboquin1.txt
The gender, accent, pitch and speed of the voice is controlled by using the following command:
$ espeak -ven-us+f4 -s100 -f roboquin1.txt


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