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Despicable Me Character Description - Alexa

An Alexa Skill to say a few words about the Despicable Me characters. This contains a list of all characters from Despicable Me movies.

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Despicable Me Character Description - Alexa

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Lambda Function Code

The Lambda function code for the skill
import requests
import json


def lambda_handler(event, context):
    if (event["session"]["application"]["applicationId"] !=
        raise ValueError("Invalid Application ID")

    if event["session"]["new"]:
        on_session_started({"requestId": event["request"]["requestId"]}, event["session"])

    if event["request"]["type"] == "LaunchRequest":
        return on_launch(event["request"], event["session"])
    elif event["request"]["type"] == "IntentRequest":
        return on_intent(event["request"], event["session"])
    elif event["request"]["type"] == "SessionEndedRequest":
        return on_session_ended(event["request"], event["session"])

def on_session_started(session_started_request, session):
    print "Starting new session."

def on_launch(launch_request, session):
    return get_welcome_response()

def on_intent(intent_request, session):
    intent = intent_request["intent"]
    intent_name = intent_request["intent"]["name"]

    if intent_name == "GetDescription":
        return get_Character(intent)
    elif intent_name == "AMAZON.HelpIntent":
        return get_welcome_response()
    elif intent_name == "AMAZON.CancelIntent" or intent_name == "AMAZON.StopIntent":
        return handle_session_end_request()
        raise ValueError("Invalid intent")

def on_session_ended(session_ended_request, session):
    print "Ending session."

def handle_session_end_request():
    card_title = "Despicable Me - Thank You"
    speech_output = "Thank you for using the Despicable Me skill. See you next time!"
    should_end_session = True
    return build_response({}, build_speechlet_response(card_title, speech_output, None, should_end_session))

def get_welcome_response():
    session_attributes = {}
    card_title = "Despicable Me Characters"
    speech_output = "Welcome to the Alexa Despicable Me Characters skill. " \
                    "You can ask me for Characters description from Despicable Me movies"
    reprompt_text = "Please ask me for a Character in Despicable Me movie" \
                    "for example Agnes Gru."
    should_end_session = False
    return build_response(session_attributes, build_speechlet_response(
        card_title, speech_output, reprompt_text, should_end_session))

def get_Character(intent):
    session_attributes = {}
    card_title = "Description"
    speech_output = "I'm not sure what character you are specifying" \
                    "Please try again."
    reprompt_text = "I'm not sure which character you are specifying" \
                    "Try asking about Agnes Gru for example."
    should_end_session = False

    if "Characters" in intent["slots"]:
        character = intent["slots"]["Characters"]["value"]
        characterId = get_character_id(character.lower())
        if (characterId != "unkn"):
            card_title = "Character " + character.title()
            response = requests.get(API_BASE + characterId)
            jsonData = response.json()
            alexaresponse = jsonData["sections"][0]["content"][0]["text"]

            speech_output = "Description about" + character + " is as follows: " + alexaresponse

    return build_response(session_attributes, build_speechlet_response(
        card_title, speech_output, reprompt_text, should_end_session))

def get_character_id(character):
    return {
        "gru": "2033",
    }.get(character, "unkn")

def build_speechlet_response(title, output, reprompt_text, should_end_session):
    return {
        "outputSpeech": {
            "type": "PlainText",
            "text": output
        "card": {
            "type": "Simple",
            "title": title,
            "content": output
        "reprompt": {
            "outputSpeech": {
                "type": "PlainText",
                "text": reprompt_text
        "shouldEndSession": should_end_session

def build_response(session_attributes, speechlet_response):
    return {
        "version": "1.0",
        "sessionAttributes": session_attributes,
        "response": speechlet_response

Github Repo

A complete repository on developing the skill.


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