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Aria is a voice-activated robotic helper for my mom.

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Things used in this project


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Custom parts and enclosures

More pvc and steel for her frame

Pvc and steel is easier to adapt. This is her third redesign.



I use PVC and stainless steel for her frame.

New ugrapdes Mar 11 2019

Arias newest upgrade. I found a 7-inch touchscreen to attach to my RPi. It fits her perfectly. I’m going to program a entire touch screen interface to her with this bad boy. I am also testing a lithium iron phosphate battery. It’s from Shorai and I’m incredibly surprised by this tiny powerhouse. I can easily replace three of the five lead acid I’ve been using.

Arias new digital eyes

I needed the pins on the Arduino Mega that arias analog eyes were attached to so I changed them out and put digital eyes from adafruit on her. Now I feel like I’m just showing off. Lol. #venturearia


Small bit of code

Her scripts are actually fairly large and constantly evolving.


Dwayne Scott Kurfirst

Dwayne Scott Kurfirst

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