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Digital Output Management with CoAP
  • 586
  • 9

The X.IP5 slip-radio manages the X.IP5-web-demo: turning LEDs on/off through CoAP.

Living Space web APP
  • 620
  • 6

Work in progress

Moving Somewhere New? Want to know the climate of a location with amenities nearby ? Use LIVING SPACE APP to find that perfect location.

Monitoring the Status of a Digital Sensor with CoAP
  • 948
  • 10

Full instructions

Monitoring the status of a Digital Input (sensor), simulated with a button, through CoAP protocol.

Monitoring Analog Input with CoAP
  • 1,022
  • 5


Monitoring the status of an Analog Input (sensor) through CoAP protocol.

Monitoring Analog/Digital Input with CoAP
  • 193
  • 5

Full instructions

Monitoring the status of analog/digital input through CoAP protocol with X.IP5 SmartMachine or X.IP4T SmartModule.

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