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This smart device can be easily integrated with third party hardware and provide maximum flexibility of use thanks to 15 GPIOs.

▪ IPv6 address ▪ Low consumption ▪ AES-128 Security Module ▪ High radio performances sub 1GHz ▪ High computing power with ARM® Cortex® M3 ▪ CC1310-based ▪ Great flexibility of use thanks to 15 GPIOs ▪ Small size

The X.ip4 SmartModule simplifies the creation of local network applications accessible by Internet, thus manageable from smartphones, and allows the data storage in the cloud.

The SmartModule is addressed to Open Source World and to the Developers community: it meets the requirements of Contiki OS thanks to its own powerfulARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller, it enables the natively development of firmware with 6LoWPAN protocol to create star or mesh networks.

Working frequencies: 868 MHz and 915 MHz (on demand), fully customizable (from 315 MHZ to 920 MHz).

Monitoring the Status of a Digital Sensor with CoAP
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Full instructions

Monitoring the status of a Digital Input (sensor), simulated with a button, through CoAP protocol.

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